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04 Mar 2024, Edition - 3156, Monday

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Digital footprint is permanent, beware !

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On 05 September 2022, memorable COMPASS sessions were organized at Dr GRD School of Commerce and International Business, Dr. GRD College of Science. The session commenced at 10.00 am by the arrival of Chief Guest, Mr. Karthikeyan. The chief guest was welcomed with a bouquet and a warm welcoming by the student MCs.

He says that 80% of criminal justice is done by young minds, that is 18 and below 18 years old. He mainly suggested that it happens through am application or some technology. He also shares some interesting details about a case he worked as example.

The guest started his speech with Social media. By asking that do we know that what is happening in your phone and behind all your applications. He mentioned a web called dark web, where all the deleted files will be transferred and saved these files to be shared to other user. He said a chemical name called Dopamine which affects as much as the drug affects the brain human. The brain may increase Dopamine when they engage with social medias like Facebook, instragram etc.

He was open minded to speak with us regarding Social medias todays Cyber-crime are more and how should overcome these things and how to protect ourselves. He was fast talker regarding mobile usage and digital footprints. He influenced us to know about more mobile apps. Awareness regarding sending private photos and influencing us and manipulating through those photos were his thoughts for this generation.
Then he highlighted about the drawbacks in mobile usage. He shared information about punishment of cybercrime and ethical robberies. He was very practical about the generation’s mobiles addiction and constantly taking selfies and clearly pointing out the impacts of mobile cameras. He quoted “Don’t express yourself in Social Medias and think who you are” and be aware of Social crimes.

The following are keys points he suggest to the students

He suggest not to post personal pictures Social platform

We should not open any link without cross checking.

Do not share out OTP to anyone.

Emotional quotient is all we need in this world.

Even though we delete our pictures it will be saved in clouds.

Teenagers should be aware of online bulling.

Society tends to lose their Privacy because of Social media.

More than 60,000 crore was robbed by Bank frauds.

Ethical hacking.

Hacking take place in Instagram Id’s

He shares the importance of Virtual reality and augmented reality.

He said focus on terms and conditions of any application while accessing.

Focus in security features of any application when using.

He share about accept / decline to enter into any application.

Virtual words are called Meta verse.

Don’t read unknown person in social media and be conscious when you share personal photos to fake ids.

To educate students to be wise in using Social media “ Digital Footprint is permanent” . He says posting a picture, clicking a picture, sending a picture is saved in the back of the software. Artificial Intelligence is one of the most powerful elements in the society in recent times. He believes that cyber-crime doesn’t just happen for women and girls, it also happens to men and boys.

According to his experience, he states Ethical hacker is an oxymoron word. It was also shocking out phones don’t really shutdown it works. He mentioned that 24/7, 365 days these technologies activities are not safe for young stars. He says we are becoming digital slaves.
At the end of the session, he made us all to know complete information about the technology usage and evolution of it. Finally he said don’t get addicted to everything on phone and application etc.

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