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24 Jul 2024, Edition - 3298, Wednesday

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Indian Medical Association condemns “Mixopathy”, feels betrayed

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The entire modern medical profession feels betrayed by the level of violation and encroachment by the Central Council of Indian Medicine (CCIM). 

IMA demands withdrawal of the notification of the amendment regulations of Postgraduate Ayurveda Education. -Dtd- 19.11.2020- In the said notification the Post Graduate courses namely MS Shalya Tantra the words (General Surgery) have been incorporated. 

A long list of modern medicine surgical procedures have been enlisted under Shalya Tantra and Shalakya Tantra. The Surgical Procedures mentioned are more specialty oriented and need specific modern Medical skills, training and  proper Anesthesia.

All These procedures fall under the ambit, authority and jurisdiction of modern medicine having been prescribed by the then Medical Council of India as the competancies ascribable to the postgraduate course titled MS ( General Surgery).

The AYUSH ministry has issued a clarification claiming the technical terms and the modern developments are a common heritage of mankind. IMA rejects the clarification as deceptive camouflage of mixing the systems of medicine. It is nothing but a blatant attempt at mixopathy and Khichadification of medical education and practice. We strongly object the concept of MIXOPATHY.

The CCIM amendments cannot be seen in isolation. The National Education Policy 2020 speaks of medical pluralism and lateral entry laying the foundation legitimising Mixopathy. NITI AAYOG in its wisdom has formed four committees in medical education, practice, public health and research to officially mix all systems into one Integrative system of medicine. One Nation One System is being espoused as the official policy.

All the six hundred odd medical colleges of India are expected to turn out Hybrid doctors of a Khichadi medical system by 2030. This is not the issue of the profession alone. This entails serious inroads into the Health Care Delivery System of the country. This involves calibration of patient care for years to come.

People of India have a right to understand these Mixopath maneuvers. The patient’s choice and right to choose the system of medicine is being taken away in the attempt to mix all systems of medicine. This sort of lateral entry by Indian Medicine specialists into Allopathy and doing Mixopathy will be very much detrimental to the innocent public. 

The empty words of the Ministry of AYUSH of deep commitment to maintain the authenticity of Indian systems of medicine that it is against any mixing of systems sound hollow in their pregnant silence to the medical pluralism advocated by the National Education Policy 2020 and the infamous attempts of NITI AAYOG to mix all systems of medicine into a single Integrative System. They remain culpable and cannot be absolved of the crime.

IMA is prepared for the ensuing long drawn struggle for existence and identity. All Associations of the fraternity including the specialities and students are determined to resist this ill-advised adventure in our national life. Health of generations of Indians is at stake. The Central Working Committee (CWC) of IMA (HQRS) has called for an emergency session. IMA TNSB will have its State Working Committees meeting following the CWC meeting. The quantum and the timing of the first All India response to the situation is being determined. In any case it will not be later than Wednesday 02. 12. 2020.

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