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20 Apr 2024, Edition - 3203, Saturday

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Most important aspect of Health is to create a culture of Health: Sadhguru at IAGES

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“Health if it needs to happen, we need to create a certain level of coherence. Physical coherence, structural coherence of the body, chemical coherence of the body or energetic coherence – if these three things happen, largely health is managed,” said Sadhguru while addressing the 20th annual conference of the Indian Association of Gastrointestinal Endosurgeons (IAGES) at Coimbatore today.

IAGES is an organization of surgeons formed to promote and spread the advancement of Endoscopic Surgery throughout India and beyond.

Explaining about the coherence in the human body, Sadhguru said, “It’s important that we understand the way the body is made. The body is not suddenly popped up from somewhere. This is a consequence of all the other life process which is happening on the planet. And all the other activities that’s happening in the solar system and in the rest of the universe. We are not suddenly a pop-up from somewhere. We are a consequence of all these forces functioning in a certain way. Among all these, there is a certain coherence. You cannot really manage all of it, but if we manage a few of those things, being healthy is very much possible.”

The most important aspect of health, Sadhguru pointed out is to “create a culture of health. What to eat, How to eat, How to breathe, What to do, and What not to do with this one.” The human body is the most sophisticated technology on the planet and Sadhguru questioned whether we have read the user manual for managing the body. “If you buy a phone do you read the user manual in the first three days… the same thing goes for this (body). But it needs some attention to know this. But the problem is our education systems have done this to us, right from kindergarten you are only rewarded for your memory, you are never rewarded for your attention.”

Speaking on food consumption habits, Sadhguru noted, “I think if we do just this one thing, 50% of your diet moves to millet consumption, in the carbohydrate consumption, if 50% at least is millet, I’m telling you there will be a marked improvement in the way you are in terms of your health.”

“Doctors must be healthy, they have no business to be any other way because in many ways you must be a picture of health, it’s very important. It’s very very important,” ended Sadhguru in his message to the august set of doctors attending the conference.

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