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04 Oct 2022, Edition - 2639, Tuesday

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  • India sharpens stand on Ukraine war but business as usual with Russia
  • Senior advocate R Venkataramani appointed as the new Attorney General of India for a period of three years.


“Table styling elevates the dining experience”

Indrani Thakurata


Bengaluru: It is often said that ‘we eat with our eyes first.’ If the food looks tempting, then your desire to savour it increases that much. But have you ever thought of an ambience adding to the desire for good food? A well laid-out table is a essential part of that ambience. When we see a creative table, we are automatically sucked into the mood of the place, upping our desire for a good meal; good time. And that is what we try to achieve when we call guests over.

“Table styling is an art, just as any creative work is. To uplift the mood, to create a mood–it takes artistry. In a restaurant we try to work around a theme. In most cases we keep in simple and attractive. AT home,one can do so much with table styling, instantly put them at ease,” says Saikat Maity, Manager, Hotel Hindustan International. We bond through food, so when we call guests home, it speaks volumes. There is something that instantly changes once you allow someone to walk through the doors of your home. “ Our emotions often take shape of the dishes that we cook for our guest. So when we have someone over, it is an opportunity for us to make them feel special and loved. And that certainly is more than cooking ‘Bhindi Aloo’,” says Debjeet Sarkar,Hotel Management Student.

Couture Table Stylist Ami Kothari has organised and attended 60+ table styling sessions. Though very few people understand the importance of table styling in India, Ami says it is catching up really fast. “ I started with a workshop for my friends, and then one led to another–and here I am continuing with my passion.” Ami’s USP is to use simple, readily available things, to create magic on table. “You can be creative with the most basic thing in your house.” So, what should one keep in mind while designing a table? “The most important principle in table-styling is to have a theme for the table design. The order of priority for deciding the theme of your table should be — occasion, cuisine, and colour combination. You should also consider the kind of guests, whether friends, formal acquaintances or family, or kids,” she clarifies.

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