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13 Apr 2024, Edition - 3196, Saturday

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We Are Consuming Food Of The Unborn Child. It’s A Crime Against Humanity: Sadhguru Addresses UN On Save Soil

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Leaders from global organizations at United Nations, Geneva express unanimous support of the Save Soil movement

Geneva, April 6, 2022 – Sadhguru addressed a panel of leaders from global organizations about the Save Soil movement at the United Nations in Geneva on Tuesday in an urgent appeal for a global response to the issue of soil extinction. Panel members Nadia Isler representing the Director General of the UN Office, Dr. Naoko Yamamoto from the World Health Organization, and Stewart Maginnis, Deputy Director General for Programmes at the International Union for Conservation of Nature, expressed unanimous support and praise for the timeliness of the movement and a consensual need for collective action to restore and protect soil by instituting soil-friendly practices. The leaders expressed resonant concern for food security, climate change, and geographical vulnerability.

In his address to a rapt audience, Save Soil movement leader Sadhguru stressed the importance of people’s vote and voice in a democracy where “a government is elected to fulfil the people’s mandate.” Unless the people explicitly state that they want their leaders to invest in long-term wellbeing of the nation, elected governments cannot act, he explained.

Sadhguru cited the UN’s warning that rapid soil degradation could lead to a severe global food crisis which could threaten to plunge the world into brutal civil strife over the next few decades.

Speaking of the “crime against humanity,” Sadhguru remarked that the food we are eating today belongs to the unborn child. “We need to absolve ourselves of this,” he stated in closing.

In an opening address, Ambassador of Permanent Mission of India to Geneva, Indra Mani Pandey, expressed his delight at seeing the campaign receive global support and a keenness to learn more about what can be done individually and collectively to reverse global soil degradation.

Nadia Isler on behalf of Director General of the UN Office explained: “We now live more than ever in interconnected and fast changing environments. The challenges we face are deeply intertwined and require mobilization on many different levels.” Stressing on the importance of collective action, she expressed, “Community engagement is key to putting ecological challenges squarely into policies and actions at all levels.”

Dr. Naoko Yamamoto, Assistant Director-General, Universal Health Coverage / Healthier Populations, spoke of the critical need of healthy soil for food security, nutrition and the prevention of non-communicable diseases. She echoed the need as a global community “to work together as one.”

Stewart Maginnis, Deputy Director General for Programmes at the International Union for Conservation of Nature fervently spoke about the remarkable number of species that exist in a handful of soil, reiterating that it is this aliveness in soil that sustains our own lives. He described the Save Soil movement as a message of urgency, hope and ultimately one of love.

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